Flash Presentation
A state permitting clear perception and understanding; the area that may be seen distinctly or resolved into a clear image.

Flash presentation is a great way to convey your business image. Latest technology and process management used by ExattoSoft ensures completely professional company presentation. From long-running flash presentations to short web introduction pieces to flash menu headers, ExattoSoft can develop the concept, write the copy, design the layout and graphics and implement the flash presentation.

Benefits of Flash Presentation

Personal, Interactive and Attractive – A flash presentation adds the right dash of dynamism to a rather morbid and insipid activity. With flash incorporation even the most routine presentation achieve an interesting third dimension.

Enhanced benefits of products – Interactive flash presentations ensure an enhanced product presentation. Potential clients get a dynamic view of products and services offered. This is indirectly transformed into growing business.

One-on view of business goals – Flash presentation allows your company to introduce potential customers to your products and services in the best way possible during their first visit to your Web site. Since Flash is interactive and attractive, you will easily impress your clients, and prove to be one of the leading companies in your industry.

Multiple categories to select from – ExattoSoft excels in creating multi-utility presentations. These include Business Plan Presentation, Technical Presentation, Sales Presentation, amongst others.

Process of Flash Presentation:

We follow a simple process to ensure professional and innovative flash presentations for your business. The process flow for ExattoSoft flash presentation is as follows

  • Creation of 3 sets of mock-ups
  • Finalization of a design by the client
  • Creation of flash presentations through Macromedia Flash, Swish, 3-D Max, Director, Cool 3-D, Cool Edit, Photoshop
  • Incorporation into corporate/personal Web site
  • Delivery in a zip format either through email or CD
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